My story began in a small town in Mount Stewart in the countryside in Jamaica some many years ago when I was 10-year-old.  My journey towards launching Joiyi Branches was made possible by a mother’s love to secure the future for her children and a young girl’s dream to rewrite the script by ensuring she made her parents proud. Coming from a very humble background where we barely made it and lived hand to mouth. I had to grow up fast and take on the mantle of responsibility at a tender age. This is how I ended up starting my first business as a 10-year-old, selling coconut drops and grater cake and saving the proceeds in my bank account. As such, running businesses became an integral part of my life ever since. By then, my mom had migrated from Jamaica to the U.S. in search for greener pastures when I was 8 years of age, leaving my siblings and I in the capable hands of my grandmother and dad…

At 21 beginning a new chapter of my life in America with the intention of experiencing the American Dream drove me to find a balance between working to afford an education and going to college for my associate degree. I was later lucky to meet my husband who hails from West Africa and his journey started after he escaped the civil war in Libera and landed in Alabama but years later we met in New York City with whom we have been blessed with 3 ambitious young men. However, even as I enjoyed taking care of my family and working fulltime to facilitate this, it was still a dream of mine to start a business which would be an actualization of my passion, a tribute to my father and my Jamaican roots, and an inspiration to my children that it is never too late to achieve one’s goals in life at almost 60!

The idea of Joiyi Branches was born out of a desire to teach immigrants from the Caribbean and Liberia (West Africa) as well as generations to come about the rich heritage, roots, and culture of their parents/ ancestors. Named after my dad with each of the branches representing my 7 siblings and I, Joiyi Branches is for everyone to tap their adventurous spirit and experience diversity.

Irie warm friendly service, affordable fashion, value, variety, and vogue. Joiyi will be sure to have your fashion reflect, culture and roots, influence in its Caribbean, African and American heritage. @Joiyib you will get a range of styles in a range of colors, prints and fabrication. With a focus on versatility, mix and match with other styles in your closet – the point is to integrate, transform and celebrate. JOIYI is inclusive to every person. 

We are a small, black immigrant woman-owned e-commerce company dedicated to creating affordable products by transforming all that we love about travel into vibrant clothing, bags, and accessories specializes in products with a Caribbean, African and American flavor for your whole family, and friends to love. Culture. Tradition. Education

Our Mission

Our mission is simple to represent and connect with everyone espically immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa with products that shares their roots and cultures at affordable prices bringing them value and variety an American brand. Joiyi will showcase Migrants, Immigrants, Caribbean Islands people’s Roots, Cultures, and Traditions in their designs with an education twist.

 Our Promise —

Being a comfort merchant, Joiyi Branches acknowledges that shopping online can be easy, especially through these difficult and stressful times, so we want to offer as much support as possible. At JOIYI, our goal is 100% Satisfaction. Our sterling customer service representatives are available to assist you, and answer any questions you may have.

Get the warmest hug of JOIYI’S crazy styles when you shop with us! To ensure you enjoy shopping at Joiyi, we will work passionately to exceed your expectations every time. Joiyi, uncompromising commitment to stellar service with warm and friendly service.

Sometimes life is about “timing” and after years and months of setbacks, dreaming, believing and creating, the seed of JOIYI'S BRANCHES emerges and as my aunt once said “flowers only need a little water to grow” and it’s in my DNA. So let's grow and walk together!

Paulette "May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade your every step along the way. 

May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue and may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through". 

Canadian Artist Rhonda Kullberg Irish Blessing